Lactation Education

A lactation educator can help you to have breastfeeding success! Lactation educators are trained to educate health care professionals, the public and parents alike about breastfeeding and human lactation. They are skilled in dispelling breastfeeding myths that many people still believe.  You'd be surprised, you probably believe some of them too! They deal primarily with the normal process of lactation and have the skills to know when to refer a woman to her care provider or a lactation consultant.  The vast majority of families can have their questions answered and become educated on how to successfully breastfeed their baby without having to be referred to a lactation consultant. 

Booking an in home education session before your baby is born is a great way to get prepared in advance. Alternately, you can book a consultation after your baby arrives home to problem solve any issues you may be experiencing and answer any questions that have come up. Educators can check latch and help with positioning.  They also provide the reassurance that new parents sometimes need that what is happening is normal and to be expected.


In home sessions

Booked in 2 hour increments 


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